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Beitragstitel "Morton's" Metatarsalgia treated by DMMO (percutaneous distal metaphyseal metatarsal osteotomies): a case control study
Beitragscode P45
  1. Lukas D. Iselin OKL AG Luzern Vortragender
  2. Milan Kravarski Luzern Kantonspital
  3. Markus Damrau Luzern Kantonspital
  4. Martin Ulrich Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Handsurgery and Traumatology, City Hospital Waid
Präsentationsform Poster
  • A06 - Fuss
Abstract Metatarsalgia is a common pathology in foot and ankle patients.
After differentiating the patho-mechanisms and excluding non mechanical issues and installing a conservative treatment the remaining patients benefit from a surgical treatment by adjusting the metatarsal head localisation by the means of percutaneous shortening and lifting osteotomies.

We present our experience in a case series from 2016-2021 including clinical results, complications and reoperation rates and the learning curve of surgeons.

According to our experience DMMO for metatarsalgia are a safe reproducible procedure with a steep learning curve of the treating surgeons